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 I've pressed the button on the handset, but nothing happened, what's the problem?


Occasionally, you may experience a lack of response following a command issued by your remote. Action- If you re-issue the command, the device should respond Still nothing The primary reason for a lack of response is usually that there is some form of obstruction between the remote signal and the receiver in the device. The standard range of the Lightwaverf products is 15 metres, however this can vary due to the surrounds and the path to the receiver, obstructions (walls, floors etc.) will shorten the range. Action- Move closer to the device or obtain a clear line-of-sight between the remote and the device, now re-issue the command. Note- If it is a range issue then the problem can be solve by purchasing the Signal booster device. This is designed to extend the range of the command, it has a range of 30 metres, so, combined with the remote signal, a device could potentially be 45 metres away. This is ideal for garden lighting, outhouse control, or front gate operation. The signal booster needs no mains power as it is battery operated and so can be located anywhere. Still nothing Remember to allow the LED to go out before issuing another command, the problem maybe that the previous command is still being transmitted, indicated by the illuminated LED on the remote. If you issue a command in this time than the previous command will be sent again. Action- Allow the LED to go out before issuing a command. Still nothing When re-issuing the command, check to see that the LED on the remote becomes illuminated. The LED should light for 2 seconds, if the period is shorter than this or the LED light seems faded or dull than the problem may well be dead or dying batteries. For information on how to remove and replace batteries please consult the installation manual for the device in question. The batteries should last, on average, for 2 years, this is subject to use, brand, type and device so results will vary. · Action - Replace the batteries with new ones. Still nothing · If the problem persists it maybe that the device has not been paired to the remote control. The device must be paired to each controller you wish to control the device with. Remember, each device can hold up to 6 pairings only if you received amber flashing lights when attempting to pair (or no response at all in the case of the CFR) then the storage is full, please refer to the instruction manual for the device in question to find out how to unpair and pair the devices. Action - Pair the device to the remote control. to found out how to pair a device, refer to the instruction manual issued for the device in question. Still nothing Are either of the LEDs on the front of the device illuminated? (this is not only relevant for wall switches and power sockets) If they're not than this means there is an issue with the circuit. In the case of the wall switches this usually means that the bulb has gone. Action - Replace the bulb with a new or working one. Still nothing If this is the case for the power sockets than this is a potentially more hazardous issue, before examining the wiring of the socket please ensure the power is switched off at the mains for the house. Consult the manual for the wiring installation instructions for guidance. If in any doubt consult a qualified electrician. Action - review the wiring for the socket. Ensure the power is off before proceeding.
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