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 How do I Lock a device / What are the Padlock icons on the App?


If using the app and press 'Edit' in a room screen you will see padlock icons.  These are the locking functions of the app which allow you to lock the devices you have to either ON or OFF. They will then remain at this level until they are unlocked.

There are 2 stages to locking:

Manual lock - the devices cannot be switched manually but can be controlled via any RF devices which are paired to it. Signified by a single lock.

Full lock - the devices cannot be switched manually or via RF until they are unlocked. Signified by a double lock.

Unlock - this unlocks the devices to allow control once more.

Note that any lighting devices when locked OFF will still switch on when the ON command is sent, but switch off again after a 5 minute delay. This is a safety feature to provide light in the event of an emergency.


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