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 App Features and Settings Guide


In 2013, JSJS Designs released new apps for both iOS and Android which have brought the two platforms to parity in terms of visual appearance and features.  There have been many new features added, and some previous features and terminology altered.  This guide will help with most questions which have been raised.

General New Features


Home and Away are default events you can access easily from the home page.  When selected they will run the event and so can turn your lights on to greet you, or put your house into standby when you leave.  This feature does not apply to heating products.

Switch Location

For users who use LightwaveRF to control multiple locations, it is now possible to switch between these easily by choosing ‘Switch Location’.  You will be able to choose any account you have logged in with on the device you are using.  You can select ‘At Home’ if you are at the location you are controlling, or deselect it if you are at another location.  Note this may be greyed out if you are using the ‘Use your WiFi name to check your location’ feature in Settings, or if the app cannot find a WiFiLink.

WiFi Indicator

There is a green or a grey WiFi indicator at the top left of most app pages.  This will let you know if the app is in local or remote mode.  A green indicator shows that it is connected to a local WiFILink and will send commands locally.  Grey shows it cannot find a local WiFiLink and will send all commands remote via the LightwaveRF servers.  Note that this does not instantaneously refresh as the check rate is limited to reduce battery usage.

The Options in Settings


Either your own name, or a name to identify the location where the WiFilink is used.  If using multiple locations then the name entered here will appear in the ‘Switch Location’ menu.

Elec Rate/Electricity Cost

Used for the Energy Monitor to calculate the approximate your energy usage costs.  It is not currently possible to define tariffs with two rates.

Get settings from web server/Save settings to web server

This will upload all your settings stored on your device to our server so you can view them on other devices

Sync Events/Timers with WiFiLink

This will delete all the timers and events stored on the WiFiLink and re-create them as they exist on your device.  Note that any timers or events that are running when this is pressed will be cancelled.

WiFiLink Register

This will send a WiFi command from the app to any local WiFiLink.  If the device is not yet registered (ie the Yes button was not pressed on the WiFILinks screen) then this will allow the registration process to happen.

Change WiFiLink Location/Set your location on your WiFiLink

This will use your devices location to set where the WiFILinks location is.  This information is used so that we will be able to set your dusk and dawn times accurately.

Set Timezone on your WiFiLink

This will use your devices timezone settings to update your WiFiLinks time so that timers will enact at the correct time.  Note that summertime is set to ‘Auto’ on the WiFiLink so that you do not need to change this when the clocks change

Set WiFi Network as Home

This will use the current WiFi SSID that your device is connected to and set it as the network your WiFiLink is connected to.  This is mainly for users who are using LightwaveRF at multiple locations.

Use WiFi name to check your location

When this is on, the app will check if the WiFi network you are connected to is what is saved on your Account.  When they do not match, all commands will be remote.  This is mainly for users who are using LightwaveRF at multiple locations.  If this is switched off and you send home commands whilst connected to the office WiFi, the WiFiLink at the office will respond to your commands.  The app does not check which WiFiLink it sends local commands to.

Stay in 3G/Remote Mode

This will force all commands sent to go remotely, even if you are connected to a WiFi network that has a WiFiLink present.

Show video on Login screen

Toggle whether to show the LightwaveRF promotional video when logging into the app.

Login Automatically

Toggle whether to let the app log you in automatically.

Show Switch Location Panel

Toggle whether to show the ‘Switch Location’ panel on the app home page.  This panel is mainly for users who are using LightwaveRF at multiple locations.

WiFi/3G Popup Notifications (iOS Only)

Toggle whether to have the popup message to alert you that commands will be send remotely or locally.

Show App Tips (Android Only)

Toggle whether to show the tips on using the app or not.

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