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 My Dimmer switch is warm to the touch


All LightwaveRF dimmers will get warm to the touch when running up to or close to their maximum rating.  If you have a multi-gang and they are all running close to the 250W/210W max then the heat will go across the gangs.

All products have been safety tested and are certified for sale in the UK.  As an added precaution, every dimmer has 2 steps of temperature cut off to prevent damage.

First is an NTC component which will cut out when the temperature of the unit reaches a certain point.  The unit will cool down and then operation will be allowed once again.  Secondly there is a thermofuse which is triggered at extreme temperatures.  If triggered, the unit will cut out for safety and not resume operation as it would have been damaged.

These precautions will only be put into action if the load on the dimmer is above the 210W/250W limits.

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