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 The wrong devices switch on/off when I use the app/remote/PIR


If you find that multiple devices are incorrectly switching when using any transmitter (WiFiLink, remote, PIR, Magnetic Switch, Mood Switch) etc then it is likely to be a result of cross pairing.

This can occur when a device is in linking/learning mode and a LightwaveRF command is accidentally or incorrectly sent at the same time.

To resolve this you can either clear the memory of the unit and re-pair correctly or you can remove the RF command which is incorrectly switching it.  Instructions on how to clear the memory can be found at the foot of this article

To remove the RF command only, you first need to know which command is doing the incorrect control (e.g. which PIR, which room/device on the app, which button on the remote).  Once found, make note of this and place the device incorrectly switching into learning/linking mode.  When in learning/linking mode, send the ON command from app/remote to unpair this.  On most products the amber LED will flash to indicate successful unpairing*.  On other products the LED flashing typically indicates success.

*a blue flashing LED indicates that the device has been paired rather than unpaired.  Please follow the clear memory instructions below.


Clearing the memory of the Dimmer Switches

Clearing the memory of the 13A Sockets

Clearing the memory of the Plug In Sockets/Dimmers

Clearing the memory of the CFL bulbs



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