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 My JSJSLW100 remote control will not pair


Connectivity issues experienced with JSJSLW100BLK or JSJSLW100WH remote controls could be due to the stock some retailers will have of these remote controls.  It is possible that the units may be 18~24 months 'old'.  Although nothing has changed in the development of them since, the batteries inside the units may be low and unstable or else empty.  It is not easy to notice this as even a low battery will show a light illumination when a button is pressed.  Unfortunately this is not an indication of an RF transmission.

A quick way to check this is to quickly press an up or down arrow button on the JSJSLW100 you have.  If the light immediately goes out, then the battery is very low.  The light will stay lit for around a second from the initial button press when working correctly.  If this is not the case, a replacement battery will resolve your issue.

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