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 My devices are taking a while to respond to the commands, why is this?


The app may default into 'Remote Mode’ when first downloaded (or following an update), which effectively means that each time you send a command it is going via the server first (as though sending the command from anywhere in the world) and then to your hub, before reaching the device. Via this route the system will take around 6 seconds on average from pressing the button to the device reacting. If this is the case then there is a quick and easy fix. Firstly, make sure your phone is on the same Wifi network as your WiFi-Link. Then go to the 'More' tab on the LightwaveRF app, then select 'Settings' and scroll down to where there are a number of slider options. You should find a 'Stay in 3G/Remote Mode' option; disable this. You may find this won't be selectable. If so, ensure that 'Use WiFi name to check your location' option is also disabled. This should allow the 'Stay in 3G/Remote mode' slider to move. What you'll most likely find is, after a few seconds, a message appear saying ‘WiFiLink Located, Switching from Remote’ or similar. What this means is that the commands you send from your phone will go directly to the box, and so should enact immediately. You'll be able to tell if you're app is local or remote from the 'Home' page of the app, under the 'Edit' button is a WiFi symbol. If the symbol is green, you're sending commands locally, if it's grey you are controlling your devices remotely via the server. If you've done the above but still don't have local connection then check the screen of the WiFi link, it should pick up a mobile device on it's network that it doesn't recognise and ask you to 'app link'. If so, press yes on the WiFiLink screen, or press the link button on the Lightwave Link. If this doesn't work, back on the settings page of the app is an option to 'WiFi-Link Register', pressing this will prompt the WiFi-Link to find your device and offer the link question.
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