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 What do the options on the WiFiLink mean?


The WiFiLink on V2.28 firmware has a few additional options which are not in the accompanying manual.  Details on these can be found below:

Energy Monitor
Install - Allows an energy monitor to be paired with the WiFiLink by pressing this button and then pressing the manual button on the Energy Monitor.

Set Timezone
-1hr - Sets the WiFiLink time to 1hr earlier.
+1hr - Sets the WiFiLink time to 1hr later.

Set Summertime
Off - Disables BST/GMT automatically changing
Auto - Enables BST/GMT automatically changing

Info - This displays the WiFiLink firmware and also the number or Timers (T), Sequences (S) and number of currently running sequences (R).
MAC/IP - This displays the MAC address of the WiFiLink, also found underneath the unit, as well as the IP address it has on your local network

Dereg - Unregisters all local WiFi devices currently paired to the WiFiLink.
Reset - Removes memory of all paired devices, energy monitors and sequences/timers.

Eco Mode
Off - This dims the screen and disables the blue front LED.
On - This has the blue LED on the front on all the time and raises the brightness of the screen.

Cloud Server
Off - This prevents the WiFiLink from accessing the servers aside from obtaining the time. Remote commands will not go through. It is similar to a 'privacy' option.
On - This allows for remote commands to go through the the server and remote access is allowed.

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