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 Upgrading WiFiLink firmware


The WiFiLink looks for an upgrade on power up and then every 4-8 hours after.  The upgrade files are located on a server and cannot be applied locally.

If you restart the WiFiLink and do not get an upgrade even when it is on older firmware, the WiFiLink is not able to access the upgrade server through your router.

Although the WiFiLink will function correctly, some features will not be available and bugfixes will not have been applied.

If this is happening to your WiFiLink, then you can upgrade it by using a different router if available.  This includes using a very kind friend/neighbour/family members' router.  You can take the WiFiLink to a different house to upgrade and simply take it back home to your own system once the upgrade has completed.

Future upgrades will work correctly after this is complete.

If you do not have access to a different router, open a help desk ticket and we will give details of how to send the WiFiLink to us for the upgrade.

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