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 What is the minimum load needed for lights to work correctly?


The documented minimum load required could be as low as  5W as long as the LED bulbs are dimmable and compatible with LightwaveRF (Due to the sheer volume and variety of lamps on the market, there is no possibility for every lamp to be tested.).  However, under normal circumstances the minimum load required is actually 15W.  This does vary from bulb to bulb. 

Be aware that due to the rapidly changing technologies of the LED market, dimmable LEDS may not operate correctly despite exceeding the minimum load.

refers to halogen/incandescent loading and not CFL or LED.  It is important to note that 15W of LED lighting is not the same as 15W of halogen/incandescent lighting - therefore having more than 15W of LED loads will not guarantee compatibility with LightwaveRF dimmers.

If you plan to use LEDs, please refer to the full LightwaveRF Compatibility guide which can be found here.

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