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Upgrading WiFiLink firmware
The WiFiLink looks for an upgrade on power up and then every 4-8 hours after.  The upgrade files are located on a server and cannot be applied locally. If you restart the WiFiLink and do not get...
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Do I need a static IP address?
Our system uses the MAC address of the WiFiLink for remote commands and as such does not require you to have a static IP.  The system will work with or without a static IP address.
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Changing PIN
As the PIN is an integral part to the security of your WifiLink you cannot change this using the app or the website.  To change your PIN you will need to contact us by telephone.  Our number...
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There is documentation available for developers to explore the control for the Lightwave Link and the LightwaveRF peripherals. This is detailed at: http://api.lightwaverf.com/ There will be a RESTful ...
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What happens after a power cut?
After a power cut LightwaveRF devices will default to the off position as a safety measure (don't want a kettle or hot plate to turn on after a power cut).
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How do I check which firmware version I have?
To check which firmware/OS version your WiFiLink is running: Press the top right button to cycle through the menu until you see SYSTEM displayed Click the Info button
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Are your dimmers compatible with the similar looking Siemens units?
Yes.  In fact, they are the same products sold by Siemens under license from us.  We are the manufacturers and designed the system and Siemens have vigourously tested and approved the produc...
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Can I extend the time delay for the wireless PIR?
Without a software change, this is not possible unfortunately. You can only set what is stipulated on the back of the unit. We do have new "trigger" PIR's coming out later in the year which will allow...
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Clearing the memory of the 13A Plug Sockets
1. Hold the manual button for ~5 seconds until the LED blinks to indicate it is in learning mode 2. Release the button 3. Hold the manual button for ~5 seconds until the LEDs blinks rapidly 4. Release...
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Clearing the memory of the Dimmer Switches
1. Hold both buttons for ~5 seconds until the LED blinks to indicate it is in learning mode 2. Release the button 3. Hold the down/off for ~5 seconds until the LEDs blinks rapidly 4. Release the butto...
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Clearing the memory of the CFL bulbs
Put the CFL lamp into the on position at the physical switch.  Ensure the light it illuminated Switch the main switch off/on 4 times until the bulb slowly blinks*
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Clearing the memory of the On-Off/Dimmer Plug-Ins
1. Hold the manual button down for 5 seconds until the LED blinks to indicate learning mode 2. Release the button 3. Hold the manual button down for 5 seconds until the LED blinks rapidly 4. Release t...
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Why can't I set a delay of less than 3 seconds in a Sequence?
When the WiFiLink broadcasts a radio message for any LightwaveRF products to respond to, it does so for ~2seconds. If two messages were broadcast simultaneously then they would conflict and one or bo...
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What do the options on the WiFiLink mean?
The WiFiLink on V2.28 firmware has a few additional options which are not in the accompanying manual.  Details on these can be found below: Energy Monitor Install - Allows an energy monitor to be...
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My JSJSLW100 remote control will not pair
Connectivity issues experienced with JSJSLW100BLK or JSJSLW100WH remote controls could be due to the stock some retailers will have of these remote controls.  It is possible that the units may be...
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Another device turns on or off when I use my remote or the app
If you find any of your units are switching on or off when another device is pressed, that unit may be incorrectly paired.  This can be resolved by clearing the memory of the unit in question and...
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What is different in the Promo/Basic Plug In Sockets?
The Basic/Promo sockets (JSJSLW381) differ by: They can be paired with up to 3 channels (vs 6) They do not have mood functionality in them They cannot be locked/unlocked
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WiFiLink Firmware
The WiFiLink will automatically check for firmware updates several times a day and on boot up.  There is no need to manually update this. The latest firmware version is U2.91Y/N2.91Y . If your ...
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BT HomeHub4 Connectivity
If you have a BT HomeHub4 and are now experiencing connectivity issues with your WiFiLink, it is likely that it will be related to the ‘Smart Setup’ feature of the HomeHub router.  Di...
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Product Returns
If you have a faulty LightwaveRF product we do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  You will need to contact your place of purchase to arrange a replacement unit.  We w...
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The wrong devices switch on/off when I use the app/remote/PIR
If you find that multiple devices are incorrectly switching when using any transmitter (WiFiLink, remote, PIR, Magnetic Switch, Mood Switch) etc then it is likely to be a result of cross pairing. Thi...
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My Dimmer switch is warm to the touch
All LightwaveRF dimmers will get warm to the touch when running up to or close to their maximum rating.  If you have a multi-gang and they are all running close to the 250W/210W max then the heat...
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How do I Lock a device / What are the Padlock icons on the App?
If using the app and press 'Edit' in a room screen you will see padlock icons.  These are the locking functions of the app which allow you to lock the devices you have to either ON or OFF. They w...
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How LightwaveRF Works ?
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